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Wastewater & Sewage Packaged Pump Stations

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Meeting tough demands in
contaminated water applications

Flygt has over 80 years of experience designing, manufacturing
and supporting pump installations around the
world. We have a reference base that consists of thousands
of stations, with design recommendations and
covering the range of applications.
On top of our reliable, high quality slimline propeller
pumps, Flygt can provide support in design, model testing
and simulations to achieve optimal operational performance
in any given application.

Flood & storm
Flood & storm water installations will generally only
operate for shorter time periods over a year, but must
be able to manage large inflows reliably when the
need arises. High operational reliability remains a key
concern. Storm water often contains solids and long
fibrous material. In some cases, when a retention basin
is used as buffer during peak flows, sedimentation can
become an issue with the consequent low velocities.

The Flygt slimline propeller pumps combine N-technology, propeller quality and robust design to handleall demands of pumping flood & storm water with utmost reliability and efficiency.They are specifically designed
to pump the toughest items found in flood water
including heavy amounts of grass, leaves, trash and silt.

Slimline propeller pumps are perfect for treatment and
sludge applications as part of the treatment plant
process. Secondary sludge pumping may include
Return Activated Sludge (RAS), where sludge is continuously
pumped back into the secondary biological treatment
plant, and Waste Activated Sludge (WAS), where
excess from settled sludge is pumped to the sludge
handling process.

Optimal setup of the pump systems and stations throughout
the infrastructure, and the ability to handle solids, is
essential to achieve stable and secure performance. Flygt
can offer valuable experience and expertise in the design
of the pumping solution for your treatment operations.
The new slimline propeller pumps bring the benefit of
sustained high efficiency, reliability and superior clog
resistance with N-technology. They are also designed for
variable speed operation.

Wastewater pumping is particularly challenging given
that it contains solids and long fibrous material, which
increases risk of clogging and sedimentation. Due to partial
clogging of the pump hydraulics, energy consumption
can also

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