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The DUSPOL analog 1000 voltage tester is rated for DC and AC voltage tests in a voltage range from 12 V to 1000 V.
With DC voltage, it is possible to perform polarity tests and with AC voltage, it is also possible to perform phase tests with these instruments. The DUSPOL analog 1000 voltage tester shows the phase sequence of a 3-phase current system, provided the neutral point is grounded. Voltage testing. Phase sequence test. Phase testing. Polarity check. Cable fracture detector. Load connection via vibration motor. Vibrating alert: the integrated motor with unbalance signals activity during load testing by generating vibrations in the tester handle. Rugged housing design with rubberized handle surface. Protection class: IP 65. No batteries necessary
Maximum Voltage = 1000V ac/dc
Safety Category = CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V
Display Type = LED
IP Rating = IP65
Weight = 250g
Maximum Operating Temperature = +45°C
Safety Category Voltage = 1000 V, 600 V
Safety Category Level = CAT III, CAT IV
Model Number p = DUSPOL analog 1000
Minimum Operating Temperature = -20°C

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