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The Micro810 12 Point controller is an economical brick-style controller with embedded inputs and outputs. It can accomodate a USB adapter and an LCD module. It can also accomodate any 24V dc output power supply that meets minimum specifications such as the optional Micro800â„¢ power supply.
The Micro810 controller functions as a smart relay with high current relay outputs, but with the programming capabilities of a micro PLC. As part of the Micro800 family, the Micro810 controller shares programming environment, plug-ins and accessories. 12-pt form factor provides:. 8A outputs eliminates the need for external relays. DC models allow 4 inputs to function as 4 0 â†' 10V analog inputs. Program download via USB programming port (adapter required, stock no. 750-8668). Optional 1.5 Inch local LCD for monitoring/modifying application data (variables). It also functions as a backup memory module. Configure and run core smart relay function blocks without programming (LCD required, stock no. 750-8661). 20-pt form factor and 26-pt form factor additionally have:. Embedded non-isolated serial port for HMI and communications to other devices. Up to 2 plug-in slots for adding analog I/O, serial port, etc
Number of I/O = 12
Manufacturer Series = Micro810
Number of Inputs = 8
Input Type = Analogue, Digital
Voltage Category = 24 V dc
Output Type = Analogue, Digital
Kit Included = Yes
Number of Outputs = 4
Network Type = USB
Program Capacity = 2 kB

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