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Professional range of ultra compact high performance PLC and accessories which give the user advanced control over processes accompanied by high speed operation. Sigma PLC range offers enhanced security by providing copy-protection to program uploads, an 8 character password with approximately 218 trillion password combinations making it nearly impossible to crack
Provides a programming capacity of up to 32 KSteps giving the choice to create more complex programs and include any associated equipment into the process . Embedded RISC processor grants the user high speed operation (0.32 Цsec/step per basic instruction). Program upload inhibition function. MODBUS master/slave RTU Compatibility. Serial tool port provides a point of access for general purpose serial communications. Up to 4,096 internal relay points and 2,048 link points available
For Use With = Minas A4 Servo Drives
Number of I/O = 24
Manufacturer Series = FPG
Number of Inputs = 16
Voltage Category = 24 V dc
Output Type = Relay
Number of Outputs = 8
Network Type = Ethernet, ModBus
Program Capacity = 32000 Steps
Programming Interface = RS232C

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