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The Micro810 12 Point controller is an economical brick-style controller with embedded inputs and outputs. It can accomodate a USB adapter, and an LCD module. It can also accomodate any 24V dc output power supply that meets minimum specifications such as the optional Micro800â„¢ power supply.
Designed for standalone machine control applications which require simple motion using PTO. Flexible communications and I/O capabilities with up to five plug-ins. Different controller types sharing same form factor and accessories. Form factor based on number of I/O points embedded in the base: 10, 16, 24, or 48. Controllers include built-in support for up to 3 axes of motion. As many as three Pulse Train Outputs (PTO). As many as six High-Speed Counter inputs (HSC). 100KHz speed of PTO and HSC available on 24V dc models. Single axis moves supported via PLCopen Motion instructions. Home, Stop, MoveRelative, MoveAbsolute, MoveVelocity. Embedded Communications. USB programming. Non-isolated serial port (RS232/485)
For Use With = Micro800 Series
Number of I/O = 24
Manufacturer Series = Micro830
Number of Inputs = 14
Input Type = Digital
Voltage Category = 24 V ac/dc
Output Type = Digital
Kit Included = Yes
Number of Outputs = 10
Network Type = ModBus

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