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This Modicon Quantum CPU has been designed to manage the Hot Standby functionality for the programmable logic controllers within the Schneider Electric Quantum series. To protect the application programme from inadvertent changes during operation, it is stored in a battery backed internal RAM. The processor is easy to use and features an LCD display to access diagnostics, access certain configuration parameters and starting and stopping the CPU. The processor battery is easy to access and service as it is located on the front of the unit and can be changed whilst the CPU is in run mode. The Hot Standby system is compatible with Unity Proâ„¢ XLS software, and provides the CPU with the high level of availability required by the critical process applications.
Superior scan times and fast I/O acquisition,Ability to handle interrupts, timed and I/O based,Handling of Fast taskâ„¢, and a Master taskâ„¢,Memory expansion through PCMCIA cards,Multiple integrated communication ports including 1 x Modbus, 1 x Modbus Plus, 1 x USB, 1 x Ethernet, 1 x 100 Mbps port (dedicated Hot Standby port),Ease of diagnostics and maintenance via the LCD display block on the front panel,Certified for use in safety applications up to and including SIL2
For Use With = Modicon Quantum Automation Platform
Number of I/O = 1984 (Analogue), 31744 (Discrete)
Number of Inputs = 1984 (Analogue), 39744 (Discrete)
Input Type = Analogue, Discrete
Output Type = Analogue, Discrete
Number of Outputs = 1984 (Analogue), 39744 (Discrete)
Network Type = Modbus Plus
Communication Port Type = Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus Plus, Profibus DP, Sy/Max Ethernet
Program Capacity = 7168 kB
Programming Interface = ASCII, AS-Interface, Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus Plus, Profibus DP, RS232, RS485 Modbus

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