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The Micro850^TM Programmable Controllers are designed for larger stand-alone machine control applications that require flexible communications and greater I/O capabilities. Select from different controllers that share common software and accessories.
Offers 24-point and 48-point controllers. Includes 100 kHz speed high-speed counter (HSC) inputs only on 24Vdc versions. Provides embedded communications via USB programming port and RS-232/485. Communicates via EtherNet/IP (server mode only). Provides embedded motion capabilities by supporting as many as three axes with Pulse Train Outputs (PTO). Several Expansion I/Os also available
For Use With = Micro800 Series
Number of I/O = 24
Manufacturer Series = Micro850
Number of Inputs = 14
Input Type = AC, DC
Voltage Category = 24 V dc
Output Type = Relay
Interface = Ethernet
Number of Outputs = 10
Network Type = Ethernet, USB

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