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Super compact range of PLC which can offer superior expansion options and still provide a space-saving option. Expansion units for the FP0R can be directly fitted to the control unit eliminating the need for specialist expansion cables and backplanes etc. This also ensures the PLC stays compact, but keeps the cost down too
Supplied in both relay and transistor output types. Comes equipped with various I/O configurations in 10, 14, 16 & 32 point options. 10,000 steps program memory. Battery backed RAM . Modem compatible. Overwrite RUN mode function allows for program creation/editing during operation eliminating the need for machinery downtime to make adjustments. LED indication of I/O to make verification simple
Thanks to the super-compact nature of the FP0R series the units can be used in a comprehensive range of applications including:. Relay sequence replacement. Auto-stockers. Parking meters. In-house detectors. Conveyor control. Parts feeders. Food processing and packaging machinery
For Use With = FP0R Series
Number of I/O = 32
Manufacturer Series = AFPOR Series
Number of Inputs = 16
Input Type = Sink/Source
Voltage Category = 24 V dc
Output Type = PNP
Number of Outputs = 16
Network Type = Ethernet
Display Included = Yes

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