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Modicon M168 generic programmable logic controllers have been developed to manage discrete and analog inputs and outputs, and offer numerous possibilities for connection to different building management system communication networks. Four different Modicon M168 logic controllers are available, which can be programmed with SoHVAC software and are suitable for customized applications.
Available with and without display. 4 LED display block for displaying the controller status. 23 Inputs/Outputs. Slot for optional communication module (only the versions TM168 D23S and D23CS). Optional removable terminal kits available (stock-no. 796-7203 or 796-7206)
Number of I/O = 23
Manufacturer Series = TM168B
Number of Inputs = 5 (Analogue), 7 (Digital)
Input Type = Analogue, Digital
Voltage Category = 0 - 10 V dc
Output Type = Relay
Number of Outputs = 3 (Analogue), 8 (Relay)
Network Type = ExpBUS
Communication Port Type = RS 485
Program Capacity = 544 kB

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