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The best nano-PLC for communicating via text, email or FTP. The Crouzet starter kit em4 alert 3G comes with the very compact and easy to program nano-PLC with 26 I/Os. With the Crouzet em4 Alert 3G manage, control, survey and update your application remotly via Text, Email or FTP communication. Very easy to setup device thanks to unique and intuitive program - em4 soft. Only needs GSM network to start operate (SMS) via a basic SIM card. Fully secured solution as only users identified in the PLC can interact, up to 20 recepients.
Highly accurate 4-20mA analogue inputs for industrial sensors. 4 lines with 18 characters per line with highly Visual display. Large memory space for application and remote funtions program. Event management by text message or email. Data report via text message data log via email or FTP. Simple monitoring and control via text messaging. Communication between logic controllers via text messaging. Remote directory management. Remotely update the application program via FTP
Manufacturer Series = em4
Number of Inputs = 12 (Digital/Analogue), 4 (Digital)
Input Type = Analogue, Digital
Voltage Category = 24 V dc
Output Type = PWM, Relay
Number of Outputs = 2 (PWM), 8 (Relay)
Output Current = 20 (PWM) mA, 6 (2 Relay) A, 8 (6 Relay) A
Width = 108.1mm
Depth = 60.6mm
Minimum Operating Temperature = -20°C

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