Printed Circuit Substrate Materials (PCB / PWB) from Polyonics, Inc.


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Polyonics antistatic materials XF-781, XF-782 and XF-446 designed to address two major ESD concerns that standard labels can present.

  1. With a peel voltage less than 100 volts these labels virtually eliminate the electro-static charge Electricity and static charge all refer to the build-up of electric charge on the surface of an object or material. This charge is not moving (static). generated when the label is removed from the liner (known as tribo-charging The creation of a static charge that occurs when two different materials come into contact and then separate. ) that can discharge and destroy sensitive components during label application.
  2. With a label surface resistance between 1.0 x 108 and 1.0 x 1011 Ω* these labels are in the dissipative range. This means after the label has been applied and during the label life, the TRIBOGARD® label is designed to prevent significant charge build up on the label surface (Induction Meaning to influence without contact: when a board is in use there are electrical charges and currents that can influence and charge a surface in its surrounding electrical field. This charge can later discharge causing a ESD event that can destroy or damage the components or board. ) which could have later resulted in a static discharge event at the board level.

*According to Electronics Industry Association (EIA), surface resistance classifications are:

  • Less than 104 Ω is “conductive”
  • Equal to or greater than 104 Ω and equal to or less than 1011 Ω is “static dissipative”
  • Greater than 1011Ω is “insulative”

TheXF-781 and XF-782, antistatic polyimides are designed to survive the high heat, harsh chemicals, solders, fluxes and cleaners used in both lead-free and standard electronics manufacturing processes. They each exhibit excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and withstand process temperatures up to 617°F (325°C) for the white and up to 550°F (287°C) for the colored antistatic labels.

Polyonics' XF-446, is a 2 mil white, semi-gloss, thermal transfer static dissipative Polyester material provides a cost effective solution for applications where the temperature does not exceed 400°F (204°C). Designed for cool side of the board, the print resists smearing, even when the board and label are directly removed from a reflow or wave solder environment.

Polyonics TRIBOGARD® label materials, when printed with a compatible ribbon will not only withstand the processing environment but are also abrasion resistant and pass MIL-STD-202G, Notice 12, Method 215K, MIL-STD-883E, Notice 4, Method 2015.12.

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