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Vibration-Free Cleanroom Workstation -- 3504-79A

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Vibration-Free Cleanroom Workstation -- 3504-79A-Image
  • Motorized lifters automatically raise, lower and level the work surface for optimal operator comfort and convenience
  • Ergonomic benchtop positioning eliminates back stress—and costly lawsuits!
  • Front panel-mounted controls ensure easy operation
  • Sealed design isolates motor to guard against contamination and meet Class 100 particle standards
  • Available with several top materials and powder-coat or 304 stainless steel base
  • Ideal for operations with high-profile processing equipment

The ErgoHeight™ incorporates a high-torque, low RPM motor inside two lifters located on the right and left sides of the table. Each lifter can safely handle 210 pounds (95.3 kg) of net load, for a total net load of 420 pounds (190.7 kg).

A control panel mounted on the front of the benchtop frame contains all necessary switches for up/down table motion and to level the work surface. This option is ideal for use with process equipment that requires height adjustment to suit individual operators, as well as for leveling the system or interfacing it with adjacent operations. Standard height range is 28" to 48" (711 mm to 1219 mm) floor-to-top.

Clean, Smooth Operation

All parts are designed for use in a cleanroom environment. The thermally protected lifters are completely sealed inside the legs to ensure particle retention and cleanroom compatibility.

And because an ErgoHeight™ Work Station provides smooth, controlled height adjustment under virtually any load, it allows automatic height adjustment of vibration-sensitive equipment. Typically you can bring delicate test equipment, even liquids, to the optimal level without lengthy disruption, thereby making the most of expensive cleanroom time. For enhanced vibration isolation in microscope operations, select Terra's Vibration-Free ErgoHeight™ Station.

The ErgoHeight™ Cleanroom Work Station is available with a variety of bench tops to suit your particular application requirement, with either powder-coated or electropolished stainless steel bases.