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Class 10 Cleanroom Chairs -- 2805-17

Class 10 Cleanroom Chairs -- 2805-17 -- View Larger Image
Class 10 Cleanroom Chairs -- 2805-17-Image
  • Integral, sealed breather lung isolates potential sources of contaminates while preserving seating comfort for optimal cleanliness
  • Certified by an independent laboratory to meet requirements of Federal Standard 209E
  • Available in static-dissipative vinyl fabric for protection against electrostatic discharge
  • Vinyl upholstery and chrome-plated parts ensure cleanroom compatibility
  • "Soft Touch" pneumatic height control brings seat to comfortable level at the press of a lever
  • Includes hooded polyurethane casters (conductive casters on static-control models)

When cleanroom operations demand an extremely low level of particulates, this Class 10 Ergonomic Chair can make the grade.

It is built to the same rigid standards, offers the same comfort and ease of use, and provides the same benefits as the Class 100 chair above, but it incorporates a unique particle retention system that guarantees Class 10 compatibility. Instead of a filtering system, it features a breather lung: a flexible, expandable and collapsible vessel hermetically sealed from the cleanroom environment but open to the air trapped inside the seat. This vessel "breathes" to allow comfortable compression and expansion of the seat—while minimizing the risk of particle escape. The durable, nonshedding vinyl upholstery is completely sealed to the lung (or to the back cushion) to ensure that no particles are emitted from the edges of the chair. (See typical performance data at right).

These chairs are available in standard and static-dissipative vinyl to meet your requirements. All are noncontaminating; dissipative Microcon vinyl fabric features a surface resistivity of 5.3 x 106 ohms/square for protection against ESD damage in sensitive environments (see static specifications below).