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Class 1 Ergonomic Chairs -- 2805-06

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Class 1 Ergonomic Chairs -- 2805-06-Image
  • Cleanroom built, cleaned and packaged—ready to pass directly into your own cleanroom
  • Certified to meet Class 1 specifications of Federal Standard 209E
  • "Soft Touch" pneumatic height control brings seat to comfortable level quickly and easily
  • Ergonomic seat design, with waterfall seat, helps minimize fatigue and injury
  • Static-safe model features dissipative Micron nylon

No Hassle, No Particle Seating! That's the assurance you receive with these Class 1 Ergonomic Chairs. Each one is manufactured, cleaned, and double-packaged in the manufacturer's own cleanroom. When it arrives at your facility, you simply open the box and then pass the chair components into your gowning area. Each is double-wrapped in 6 mil cleanroom bags that are independently verified for air leaks. Once inside your cleanroom, the chairs are fast and easy to assemble—without tools—by garbed and gloved personnel.

This start-to-finish emphasis on cleanliness eliminates the risk of hidden particles, the residue of dirty manufacturing methods, migrating into your sensitive operations. It also eliminates the cost of tedious wipe-down and verification procedures.

Once inside your cleanroom, these chairs help maintain Class 1 conditions. An exclusive air exchange system in the seat prevents air from escaping into the cleanroom surroundings when personnel are seated. The ergonomic seat and six-way articulating seat control help boost productivity by ensuring operator comfort. The seat control is covered with a hard plastic pan and sealed with flexible neoprene rubber and double-sided high contact non-outgassing tape, covering all areas where particles could be generated.

Thanks to this design and to ultraclean materials, these chairs have been certified Class 1 Clean by independent testing.