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Quad Differential Line Driver -- AEIC-7272-S16

Quad Differential Line Driver -- AEIC-7272-S16 -- View Larger Image
Quad Differential Line Driver -- AEIC-7272-S16-Image

These line drivers are pin compatible with 26LS31 in applications where pin 4 = 5V and pin 12 = GND. Internal clamp diodes allow trouble-free operation when driving cable lengths exceeding 100m. Split supplies are provided to minimize standby power dissipation in high voltage applications. The logic should be powered from a regulated 5V supply at the VccBias pin. The output stages may then be powered by a separate supply at VccDrivers, up to 30V. Output voltage swings of 0.3V to VCC-1.9V are typical. The line driver outputs are protected against shorts to ground, shorts to Vcc and to other outputs, by a two-fold scheme of current limiting and thermal shutdown. This assures highly reliable operation in harsh environments.
This part is available in 16L SOIC (Pb-free) package.

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