Line Drivers from Broadcom Inc.

Quad Differential Line Driver -- AEIC-7273-S16

Quad Differential Line Driver -- AEIC-7273-S16 -- View Larger Image
Quad Differential Line Driver -- AEIC-7273-S16-Image

These line drivers are similar in function to the AEIC-7272-S16, only in an open-collector format. The VCC pin powers the internal logic only. Output voltage is dependent on the customer supplied voltage, up to a maximum of 30V. There is essentially no difference in output swing or performance with VCC (LOGIC) values from 3.5V-30V. Internal clamp diodes allow trouble-free operation when driving cable lengths exceeding 100 meters. The line driver outputs are protected by initiating shutdown when junction temperatures exceed safe limits. This feature assures highly reliable operation in harsh environments. Heat sinking is aided by having pin 8 directly connected to the ASIC substrate inside the package.

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