Safety Monitoring Systems from Schmersal Inc.

Electronic Safety Sensor -- CSS30S Series

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Electronic Safety Sensor -- CSS30S Series-Image

Non-contact safety sensor
For use on sliding, hinged, or removable machine guards or on articulating robot arms
Designed for Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment, Marine, Construction Equipment & Outdoor and other washdown applications
Pulse Echo operation principle:
• can only be actuated with matching CST actuator target (Sold separately)
• sensors emit electromagnetic pulses that are returned by the actuator
• proximity and coding of the actuator is evaluated to indicate closed guard door
• no mechanical wear on components
Threaded cylindrical stainless steel enclosure (1.18" dia x 3.5")
Can be flush mounted
IP69K ingress protection rating for high pressure/high temp wash down applications
Internal electronics monitor safety outputs and continually test internal functions.
Meets PLe to ISO 13849 or SIL3 to IEC 61508, independent of safety controller.
2 PNP type safety outputs, with either 1 diagnostic or serial diagnostic output
LED status indicator
Can be wired in series without loss of safety category
M12 connector

Safe Solutions for your Industry.
Schmersal is focused on machine safety - protection for man and machine. For over 65 years Schmersal has developed a reputation for the design and manufacture of machine safeguarding switches that satisfy current safety requirements of the latest OSHA, ANSI, RIA and international standards and guidelines. Products supplied by Schmersal are used in a wide variety of applications in industries such as power presses, packaging, automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, elevators, machine tools and heavy industry.