Safety Monitoring Systems from Euchner-U.S.A., Inc.

AS-i Monitor -- SFM

AS-i Monitor -- SFM -- View Larger Image
AS-i Monitor -- SFM-Image
  • Single-channel or dual-channel
  • Start inputs
  • Monitoring outputs
  • Adjustable time-delay

OSSDs (Output Signal Switching Devices)

  • SFM-...1: One OSSD with 2 normally closed contacts
  • SFM-...2: Two OSSDs with 4 normally closed contacts

Auxiliary contacts

One auxiliary contact per channel.


One start input per channel and one feedback loop per channel. Freely usable on SFM-B...

Logic functions

Programmable with AsiMon software. All safety components can be programmed with different functions as inputs. The inputs can be linked with AND or OR gates.

With the monitors SFM-B..., additional logic func- tions such as FlipFlop, switch-on delay, turn-off delay or pulses are available. The number of links and the memory depth are larger than on the SFM-A... devices.