Safety Monitoring Systems from Euchner-U.S.A., Inc.

Euchner MSC Safety Controller -- MSC

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Euchner MSC Safety Controller -- MSC-Image

MSC is a modular safety controller for protecting machines and personnel. MSC is capable of monitoring several safety sensors and commands, such as safety light curtains, non-contact switches, photocells, mechanical switches, zero-speed monitoring, safety mats, emergency stops, two-hand controls. MSC-CB base unit with 8 inputs, 2 digital outputs and 2 pairs OSSD outputs can run stand alone or can be expanded. A single MSC-CB base unit can control several remote expansion modules. The MSC 'Euchner Safety Designer' Software with timing, counting, logical and memory operators, communications and muting options is provided at no extra cost with every MSC-CB base unit.


  • Maximum safety (PL e, Category 4)
  • USB programming port
  • Memory card slot for configuration backup/transfer
  • Multiple I/O expansion module options including Safety Relay Contacts
    • Up to a maximum of 14 expansion units can be connected to the MSC-CB
  • Safety circuit implementation can be decentralized with Bus Expansion modules
    • Each bus cable length up to 50 meters max, 250 meters total
    • Each MSC system can have up to 6 Bus Expansion modules
  • Multiple communications fieldbus network modules are available
  • 12 LED diagnostic display
    • Power, Run, Fail, Comm, Status
    • I/O LEDs

  • Achieves the highest level of safety
    • Approved for SIL 3 - SILCL 3
  • Reduces and simplifies safety circuit design
  • Easy configuration with simple graphic programming
  • Designs tamper-proof safety systems
  • Easy maintenance with MCM memory card for program copy/transfer
  • Simple expansion with additional modules
  • 10 different Fieldbus Module networking options available

  • General Specifications:
    • 35mm DIN mount
    • 22.5mm wide modules
    • Environmental protection IP20
  • Ambient operating temperature -10 to 55C
  • Operating voltage 24VDC +/- 20%
  • Power Dissipation 3 Watts
  • Up to 128 PNP inputs, 16 OSSD pairs, 16 restart/interlock outputs and 32 status outputs
  • Up to 8 test pulse outputs - 0.2mS
  • Safety outputs - 400mA max
  • Monitoring outputs - 100mA max