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Single Wire Bead Winding Systems -- SWS-6000

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Single Wire Bead Winding Systems -- SWS-6000-Image

Designed for high volume production of single wire hexagonal or square section single wire beads, the SWS-6000 breaks the traditional cost barriers associated with hexagonal bead productivity. The system is controlled via a powerful software program capable of integrating the synchronized operations of the five axis Servo System which drive the winder, pay-on head, head height, accumulator and a servo-driven former expand/collapse function. Machine parameters are digitally monitored and controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a menu driven touch screen so that at each stage the operator is guided to obtain the desired machine operation.

  • A SWS-6000 Bead Winder, automatically producing six single wire beads per machine cycle. The winder is complete with a servo driven former assembly for precise speed and position control, a servo driven pay-on head, a servo driven head height adjust assembly and an optional servo driven former expand/collapse feature. The SWS-6000 uses an adjustable radially expanding former design and an automatic bead unloader that deposits the finished beads onto an optional four or six arm carousel. These carousel units allows for the temporary storage of beads.
  • A Serpentine Festoon that is servo driven. The position and speed of the festoon is precisely controlled by the system PLC/Servo system to match the winder speed. The festoon design allows for independent speeds of each of the six wire paths.
  • A Bartell/RMS Cold Feed Plastiscrew Extruder complete with Temperature Control Units and the Bartell insulating head.
  • Let-Off Equipment consisting of six Heavy Duty Let-Off Stands, a six station gathering rail and a guide roll stand.
  • Integrated Control System, including PLC and Servo system drives and motors, for automatic control of the process
  • Operator Interface Terminal containing menu screens, run screens, manual screens and diagnostic screens.
  • We strongly recommend as original equipment, electrically interlocked perimeter guarding designed and integrated by Bartell.

Our machines are designed to meet government and industry standards around the world. The Bartell SWS-6000 is a tried and tested machine, capable of placing at the tire designer’s disposal a single wire hexagonal bead with enhanced uniformity and reduced bead weight properties.