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Single Wire Bead Winding Systems -- SWS-2000

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Single Wire Bead Winding Systems -- SWS-2000-Image

The SWS-2000 System is controlled via a powerful software program capable of integrating the synchronized operation of the five axis Servo System which drives the winder, pay-on head, height adjust, accumulator and the servo-driven former expand/collapse feature. Machine parameters are digitally monitored and controlled via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a menu driven touch screen so that at each stage the operator is guided to obtain the desired machine operation.

  • A SWS-2000 Bead Winder, automatically producing two single wire beads per machine cycle. The winder is complete with a servo driven former assembly for precise speed and position control, a servo driven pay-on head, servo driven head height adjust assembly and a servo driven former expand/collapse feature. The SWS-2000 uses an adjustable radially expanding former design which automatically deposits the finished beads into an optional bead chute or handling system.
  • A Serpentine Festoon that is servo driven. The position and speed of the festoon is precisely controlled by the system PLC/Servo system to match the winder speed. The festoon design allows for independent speeds of each of the two wire paths.
  • A Bartell/RMS Cold Feed Plastiscrew Extruder complete with Temperature control Units and a Bartell insulating head.
  • Let-Off Equipment consisting of two Heavy Duty Let-Off Stands, a two-station gathering rail and a guide roll stand.
  • Integrated Control System, including PLC and Servo system drives and motors, for automatic control of the process
  • Operator Interface Terminal containing menu screens, run screens, manual screens and diagnostic screens.
  • We strongly recommend as original equipment, electrically interlocked perimeter guarding designed and integrated by Bartell.