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Bead Evaluation Station

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The Bartell Bead Evaluation Station is a compact and versatile measurement station for bead profile height, width and weight. The Bead Evaluation Station completely eliminates operator measurement error and measurement interpretation that are common problems when conventional manual methods are used to measure bead profile height and width. The non-contact method of bead profile measurement employed by the Bead Evaluation Station improves measurement reliability, accuracy and repeatability allowing for accurate data recording and storage for product quality statistical analysis such as Cpk values.

A pedestal mounted color touch screen is supplied as standard together with a powerful industrial computer. Software for both “Go”- “No Go” gauge measurement, statistical analysis and storage can be tailored to suit specific user applications. In addition, there are USB connection points and Ethernet ports for data communication purposes.

The Bead Evaluation Station can also measure and record the weight of each bead and includes verification tools for the bead width, height and weight systems.