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Single Wire Bead Winding Systems -- SWS STEP SAVER

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Bartell now offers a completely new bead manufacturing product line for the tire industry, the SWS-Thousand Series Step Saver System. Designed and engineered to solve the high variation, low volume, productivity problems by enabling tire manufacturers to easily switch bead sizes without wasting valuable run-time associated with changing from one bead diameter to another. The formers that are fit for this machine have two or three different diameters, or bead profiles, per set, allowing an automatic change from one bead size to another. Not only does this increase your production, it also eliminates downtime associated with switching tooling, removing any chance of operator error during that procedure. Backed by Bartell’s world class quality and 24/7 parts and service availability, the Step Saver System is the ultimate answer to exceptional productivity in the high variation world that is tire manufacturing today. This bead winder can be part of either our SWS or Festoonless Single Wire Bead Lines and will accommodate all machine options.

Features & Benefits

  • Two or Three diameters (bead profiles) on one former
  • Automatic change-over from one size to another
  • Change-Over Time is Less Than 60 Seconds
  • Eliminates operator error
  • Ability to produce passenger and truck tires
  • Servo-actuated wire advance
  • Sensors detect individual wire pull-outs for better troubleshooting and maintenance
  • 0° – 15° flat or taper base bead