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Automatic Truck Apexing

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The Bartell Automatic Truck Bead Apex System brings automation to the Bead /Apex process for tire Beads in the diameter range 17.5″ to 24.5″. The Bartell Automatic Truck Bead Apex System combines the Apex profile extrusion process, Apex profile delivery and automatic Apex application in one compact integrated system. In addition, automated product handling of the Bead both from the Bartell Bead Winding system to the Apex application station and the completed Bead/Apex component to the next process completes this unique manufacturing cell. Designed to accommodate either single or dual compound Apex profiles, the system uses a RMS 120/90 mm dual extrusion process. This automated process enables improvements in Bead /Apex quality and reduces operating costs compared to conventional production methods.

Automatic Apex Application Station

  • Apex Advance Assembly for automatically advancing the Apex profile to position at the Bead
  • Automatic Electrical Hot Knife Assembly for cutting the Apex to the calculated precise length
  • Apex Tail End Gripper Assembly
  • Stitching Wheel Assembly to automatically stitch the Apex to the Bead
  • Bartell (Patented) Apex Leading Edge Gripper Assembly
  • Bartell (Patented) Apex Trailing Edge Gripper Assembly
  • Apex Clamping Assembly
  • Servo Bead Drive Assembly for auto rotation of the Bead during the application process
  • Apex Anti-Cupping Assemblies
  • Three Segment Radially Expanding Bead Clamp Assembly
  • Pneumatic Controls