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Multi-Functional Ethernet Test Solution -- PacketExpert™

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Multi-Functional Ethernet Test Solution -- PacketExpert™-Image

The high-speed Ethernet links are widely found in the local area networks, industrial devices and applications, metropolitan area networks, wide area networks, and mission critical networks. Testing network performance of high-speed Ethernet links is challenging and requires specialized test tools. The performance of Ethernet-based networks cannot be evaluated based only on the bit-error-rate (BER) and loopback testing. To quickly pinpoint and report issues, or to fully validate network performance of Ethernet / IP network, the network operators need Ethernet test tools that can capture-packets-of-interest and decode, generate events-driven triggers and actions, multi-stream playback, impairment generation, perform RFC2544 / Y.1564 / RFC6349 tests, Stacked VLAN/MPLS tests, and many others.

Following are GL product offerings in carrier ethernet test tools –

  • PacketExpert™ 1G (PXE100) - Available in Portable
  • PacketExpert™ 10G (PXG100) - Available in Portable only
  • PacketExpert™ 10GX (PXN100/PXN101) - Available in portable (PXN100) 10G ports with PXN101 and Rack (PXN1XX) variants

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