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T1/E1 Record Playback Software -- XX020

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T1/E1 Record Playback Software -- XX020-Image

This optional software (XX020) permits the user to transmit and or capture any signal on T1 or E1 lines with GL's T1/E1 analyzer. Typical applications include transmission or capture of prerecorded video files, traffic loading applications and protocol analysis.

Different Types of Record and Playback applications available with T1E1 Analyzer are listed below -

  • Synchronous Trunk Record/Playback (or STRP)
  • Record / Playback Disk Files
  • Record from Multiple Cards
  • Automated Record Playback
  • Automated Continuous Capture
  • Transmit/Receive File Utility

Features and applications are as follows:

Typical Transmit Applications:

  • Real Time Storage
  • Full or Fractional Bandwidth
  • File Transfer Capability
  • Continuous Transmission of a Single File
  • Preparation of Stimulus Signals for Test Purposes
  • Traffic Loading of Switches/Transmission Equipment
  • Unique Testing of Signaling Systems
  • Transmission of Pre-Recorded Voice, Video, or Data
  • File Transfer to Remote Sites at T1/E1 Speeds
  • Testing of Video Compression Equipment
  • Transmit Protocol Testing

Typical Receive Applications:

  • Capture of Anomalous Events for Post Analysis
  • Traffic and Signaling Analysis
  • Analysis of Voiceband Protocols
  • Recording and Test of Voice Response Systems
  • Capture/Storage of Video Signals
  • Protocol Verification
  • Analyze the response of network elements to known inputs

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