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Real-time Stripchart Application -- XX024

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Real-time Stripchart Application -- XX024-Image

The Real-time Stripchart application software (XX024) is used for analysis of CAS signaling. The application works with all GL’s T1 E1 analyzers. The Stripchart enables non-intrusive capturing of PCM data and signaling, and subsequent plotting of the same onto a strip chart format. The application is perfect for CAS protocols, DTMF or MF Signaling, or other voice and signaling timing relationships. Now, Real-time Stripchart (xx024) is available as a part of T1 E1 analyzer basic applications.

Strip-Chart Main Features:

  • Compatible with Windows® 7 and above Operating Systems
  • Supports Real-time capturing and off-line analysis of PCM Data as well as Signaling
  • Enables the user to view data graphically with exact transition of signals with time
  • Ability to capture PCM and signaling data on any of user-specified time slot
  • Grid based Canvas / Background display enabling ease of locating / reading data points.
  • Option to choose specific T1/E1 ports in case of more than two port systems
  • Loading of previously captured PCM and Signaling files, for off-line viewing
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-Out of data based on the time-base settings. The time base varies between 0.01 till 25. Easy Intermediate zooming features without resetting to zero.
  • Monitoring of "Available Bytes" & "Missed Bytes" in Real-time Capture, enabling the user to quickly check the data missed, if any at the time of capture
  • Selection of Timer Interval to set capture rate for data
  • Ganged option synchronizes (both PCM & Signaling) data on the graphic display
  • Automated naming convention for saving PCM and Signaling file based on timeslots for loading the captured files in the appropriate timeslots
  • Chooses Signaling file automatically (for E1s) based on the name of the PCM files
  • Appends data between successive captures