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File Edit Software -- SA021

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File Edit Software -- SA021-Image

An auxiliary (shareware) program that is useful with many GL Products and software. File Edit allows viewing and analysis of any file in binary format. This is useful for editing and viewing recorded files from T1 and E1 lines.

Other features of the program include:

  • viewing of files in binary (hex) format
  • cut and paste hex data
  • fill and insert of specified hex data

This utility program is useful (and should be ordered) with the following software packages.

  • Record and Playback File Software
    UT020, UE020, LT020, LE020, ST020, SE020
  • Transmit/Receive File Utility Software
    UT019, UE019, LT019, LE019
  • Scripted Control Software
    UT060, UE060, LT060, LE060, ST060, SE060

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