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T1/E1 Traffic Classifier -- XX680

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T1/E1 Traffic Classifier -- XX680-Image

Traffic Classifier is an application that can analyze the traffic on a T1 or E1 line. It can analyze and classify various traffics such as voice, fax, data, tones (dial tone, ring-back tone, busy tone etc) as well as identify dialing digits and other events happening on a T1/E1 network. It uses various identifying schemes depending on the country of your selection and classifies the traffic, based on the dialing tones stipulated for that country.


  • Real-time Snapshot: Get a real-time snapshot of your T1/E1 network activity.
  • Surveillance and Data Collection: You can monitor all the events on all the timeslots on a single or multiple T1/E1 line. You can also do surveillance for extended periods by recording the classification results for days, weeks or months at a time.
  • Equipment Manufactures and Equipment Vendors: Use GL's Traffic Classifier to do pre-deployment analysis of a network so as to provide an optimized solution for your customers.
  • R & D, Traffic Engineering and Network Condition Analysis: GL's Traffic Classifier is an ideal tool in an R & D environment for understanding, analyzing and traffic engineering of a T1/E1 network.
Main Features:

  • Ability to non-intrusively monitor the traffic on a T1 or E1 line in real-time and offline modes.
  • Sixteen traffic types are classified, which include Tones (dial, ring, busy), Voice/Speech, Data and Fax Signaling, Dialing digits (DTMF, MFR1, MFR2F, MFR2B) etc.
  • Data and fax modulations such as V.22, V.34, V.29, V.32, and V.27 are supported as traffic types.
  • Monitor single or multiple DS0s on multiple T1/E1 lines.
  • Monitor the T1/E1 line locally or remotely through TCP/IP connection.
  • Provides real-time display of the traffic types for each DS0 on the T1/E1 trunk.
  • Result options allow the results to be either displayed on the screen, and/or save it to a file for extended periods.
  • Off-line (playback) feature can playback or fast forward previously recorded results.
  • Analyzes the T1/E1 traffic and graphically displays the results as a strip-chart.
  • Codecs supported - µ-Law, A-law, and linear.
  • Traffic view for a particular span of time by using the File Scroller option.
  • Four algorithm options (Linear, quadratic, hybrid and hybrid filtered) to fine-tune the classification results.