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Windows Client Server for T3/E3 Analysis -- TT3600

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Windows Client Server for T3/E3 Analysis -- TT3600-Image

GL's Windows Client/Server software is a non-GUI based program for remote, scripted, and automated control of configuration, capture, transmission and more. T3/E3 Cards in a server mode can be easily controlled through software based clients at remote or local sites via TCP/IP sockets, thus allowing multi-site connectivity. Connectivity can be via Dial-Up, LAN, WAN, or more typically the Internet. The server software can run multiple tasks simultaneously at the request of the client software.

Features include:

  • Supported on Windows® XP/Vista/7.
  • Intrusive / Non-Intrusive T3/E3 Testing.
  • Performance monitoring and testing of multiple site locations from a single client.
  • Shared use of T3/E3 test equipment from multiple client locations.
  • Ideal for automated testing on production lines.
  • Uses the same intelligent parsing and messaging system used by GL's T1/E1 client-server.
  • Simultaneous testing of high capacity T3/E3 systems through a single client.
  • Integration of T3/E3 testing into more complex testing systems.
  • Simple modifiable scripts to run various tests.
  • Monitor, report, and record alarms locally or remotely.
  • Wild card and sequential operators available in the command syntax, allows you to configure and control multiple elements of the test set using a fewer lines of commands.
  • Free client software (with full source code) is available for download.
  • Custom TCP/IP clients could be developed in any programming language to seamlessly integrate into your existing testing program.

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