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METALGARD® -- XF-807-Image

Aluminum Label Materials for Applications with Extreme Temperature Requirements

The METALGARD® product line provides superior high temperature label solutions designed to withstand extreme manufacturing conditions of the steel and aluminum industry.

Polyonics' XF-801, XF-803, XF-807 aluminum label materials have a high opacity, white topcoat specifically designed for thermal transfer printing and for alphanumeric identification of extremely hot materials.
The XF-801 has a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and can be used in most applications (-40°C to 350°C) where the extreme temperature of the XF-803 is not required. The XF-803 has a silicone based adhesive and is used in the extreme applications where the temperatures can reach 600°C. The XF-807 is based on the XF-803 top coat chemistry and has a high temperature, agressive acrylic adhesive (-40°C to 350°C).
The XT-660 tag material (-40°C to 300°C) is an ideal product for marking steel or any other hot material requiring a hang tag.

Each of Polyonics' METALGARD label materials are compliant with the specifications set forth by REACH, RoHS, PFOS, WEEE and are Halogen free.