Drawer Slides from Takachiho America, Inc.

Steel Medium Duty Slides -- Model 3800 series

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Steel Medium Duty Slides -- Model 3800 series-Image

Takachiho Americas slide rails support smooth linear movement for all types of innovative applications. We are very proud to be the only supplier of the worlds smallest micro slide rail in America. Our range of slide rails offers our highest quality aluminum, steel, and stainless-steel products which grants product designers more selection and flexibility with their designs.


  • Ball Bearings produce smooth and precisive movement of slides.
  • Manufacturing in overseas with Japanese management achieves high quality slide with reasonable prices.
  • Various kinds of profile are available.
  • Provide most suitable slide to customer with different production methods by press forming or roll forming.

  • Electro zinc plate with clear.
  • Available in nickel chromate, black or yellow chromate by option.
  • Some profiles have stainless steel available.

  • Grease, for room temperature operation.
  • No additional grease is necessary as long as cycling of the chassis is not so frequent as to build u friction-caused heat which may affect the raceway.