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Cam Roller Telescopic Linear Guide -- TQN30 Series

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Cam Roller Telescopic Linear Guide -- TQN30 Series-Image

TQN Series Telescopic Linear Guides are a compact, high capacity telescopic guide family suitable for the toughest industrial applications. The TQN Series is constructed with cold drawn steel rails that are hardened to provide long life even in equipment with highly repetitive motion. The TLQ Series is very compact with a square cross-section and is suitable for side or bottom mount arrangements. The large cam roller wheel diameter will tolerate contaminates better than ball based designs. An innovative rail-wheel interface will purge contaminates from the raceways. The rails are treated with the innovative T RACE NOX process to make them corrosion resistant.

TQN28 and TQN43 Series

  • Cam Roller Based Design
  • Rail Mounting Hole Spacing (see catalog)
  • Universal Mounting (i.e., left or right side)
  • Fully Telescoping Assemblies
  • Typically used in pairs (one on each side)