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Remote Surface Temperature Sensor -- DST111

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Remote Surface Temperature Sensor -- DST111-Image

Remote temperature measurement sensor provides a remote alternative to measuring road surface temperature.

Features  • Remote temperature measurement  • Unique correction of the error caused by the emissivity of the road surface, negating the need for emissivity adjustment  • No internal moving parts  • Stable measurement results even with intense traffic  • Weather-proof, durable design  • Reports air temperature and humidity  • Capability to act as stand-alone device in remote locations with solar/gsm options

Key Benefits

 • Easy installation and service   • No slot cutting or closure of the road needed.
 • Low maintenance costs   • Ideal for stand-alone operation in remote or in-fill locations and on bridge decks.
 • Easy integration with Vaisala ROSA Road Weather Station   • Together with DSC111, which measures the surface state, DST111 forms a versatile stand-alone weather station.