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Sencore Auto "ColorPro II" Color Analyzer -- CP288

Sencore Auto "ColorPro II" Color Analyzer -- CP288 -- View Larger Image
Sencore Auto "ColorPro II" Color Analyzer -- CP288-Image
  • Easy-to-use WindowsTM GUI, giving you four options for displaying your measured data; a CIE Chromaticity Diagram, large CIE coordinates, RGB Levels, and the Auto "ColorPro II" control window.
  • Industry standard measurement units and display modes - readings are displayed in Yxy, RGB, and color temperature in degrees Kelvin. Luminance units are selectable between foot-lamberts and cd/m2 (nits).
  • Accuracy that only an engineer would require - the CP288 has the specs necessary to do a complete white-balance alignment, so you can be sure you match display manufacturer specifications.
  • Sync-locked measurements - automatically reads and displays the refresh rate of the display under test.
  • Programmable reference data - references may be entered and stored by the user, and is limited only by the amount of memory available on the host system.
  • Tracking data is made easy - print your analysis data straight from the measurement screen. The printed form will contain the manufacturer's name, model number, serial number, measured data, and comments.