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Ammco 4000E Bench Lathe -- AMM4000E

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Ammco 4000E Bench Lathe -- AMM4000E-Image

Ammco 4000E Bench Lathe

This Ammco Brake Lathe ships by truck and extra shipping charges will apply to ship to a non-commercial address.

** Promo Price Good Through December 31st, 2011! ** (Comes with FREE Kit F)

*** Bench NOT Included ***

The 4000E is the ultimate in finish control right at your fingertips from the leader in brake service.

Total Control.

Rotor refinishing is more complex today than ever before. So it's critical that speed and feed combinations be optimized to provide the best. Now you have control over the entire process and can make adjustments that, before now, were only dreamed about. Plus, the 4000E is the easiest to use and most ergonomic lathe on the market. Even new operators can quickly turn rotors perfectly like seasoned professionals.

Custom Digital Finishes.

That's right, welcome to the age of digital refinishing. The Ammco 4000E is easily adaptable to any rotor or drum material available today... or tomorrow. By digitally controlling the feed rates, it's easier to find that sweet spot for your particular application that gives you the highest possible quality finish available. Integrated positive rake tool bits allow for precision turning, with reduced chatter to produce superior machined surfaces every time.

Shift On The Fly.

The 4000E is the first lathes with an integrated synchronous gearbox and shifter. Now you can choose the speed that makes the most sense for your workpiece, right as your fingertips. No more awkward reaching behind the machine for adjustments. And it's perfect for taming those unexpectedly shrill composite rotors.

Increased Capacity for Larger Jobs.

The 4000E is engineered to handle light truck and SUV applications. In fact, the one-inch, heat forged arbor allows you to machine those larger, heavier jobs up to 200 lbs! And with the optional "F" adapter kit, the range of heavier and splined rotor assemblies you can machine is very wide. So now you can service an increased volume of heavier work, and virtually any other application that rolls in. All Ammco brake lathes are precision tools that cut to one-thousandth of an inch tolerances. With today's more sensitive vehicles, this helps ensure customers get smooth braking and complete satisfaction.