Vaporizers from Brooks Instrument

Welded DLI Vaporizer, DLIW Series -- DLIWV / DLIWS / DLIWM / DLIWL

Welded DLI Vaporizer, DLIW Series -- DLIWV / DLIWS / DLIWM / DLIWL -- View Larger Image
Welded DLI Vaporizer, DLIW Series -- DLIWV / DLIWS / DLIWM / DLIWL-Image

The Welded DLI Series vaporizer from Brooks Instrument utilizes a fully welded construction of 316L stainless steel for highly durable devices with an all-stainless steel vapor flow path. There are four different models that vary in length and heater power capacity to meet specific flow requirements.

Our advanced direct liquid injection vaporizer solutions incorporate unique atomization and heat exchanger technologies to create and deliver a chemically pure vapor, free of decomposition byproducts or liquid carryover. The Brooks DLI vaporizer is close to being a true "vapor-on-demand" system because increasing, decreasing or stopping the incompressible liquid flow quickly results in the desired change in vapor flow.


  • High flow, high power 3,5,6,11” heat exchangers
  • Heaters: 200-5000 watts
  • Great for high flow, high vapor pressure liquids (MTS, TiCI4, solvents, etc.)
  • High purity and repeatability
  • Fully welded 316L stainless steel construction with optional Kalrez® or metal seals
  • Extremely fast response time compared to other vaporizer technologies


  • Hot gas accomplishes complete vaporization
  • Eliminates thermal decomposition
  • Eliminates liquid carry-over mass in = mass out means no clogging or routine maintenance
  • Chemically pure vapor
  • Multiple liquid inlets are capable of vaporizing liquids with different vapor pressures


  • Water vaporization for fuel cell stack humidification
  • Liquid precursor vaporization for chemical vapor deposition (CVD), metal oxide chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), and atomic layer deposition (ALD)
  • Depositing thin films for enhanced thermal, optical or hardness characteristics such as diamond-like carbon coating and glass coating
  • Vaporizing monomers for vacuum polymer film disposition
  • Generating calibration vapor
  • Vaporizing liquid hydrocarbons
  • Semiconductor thin-films