Vaporizers from Brooks Instrument

Flanged DLI Vaporizer -- DLIFS

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Flanged DLI Vaporizer -- DLIFS-Image

Designed to enable the user to perform their own maintenance and cleaning, the direct liquid inject flange (DLIFS) vaporizer from Brooks Instrument provides indirect vaporization-on-demand for most liquid precursors.

Conventional vaporizers are difficult to start and stop, and often it’s very challenging to determine precisely how much vapor mass is actually being delivered from a conventional vaporizer. Our flanged DLI vaporizers overcome these problems by employing a hot gas, rather than a hot metal surface, to accomplish liquid vaporization. The result is a chemically pure vapor, free of decomposition byproducts or liquid carryover.


  • Low flow to medium flow, low vapor pressure
  • Heaters: 200-2500 watts
  • Designed for fragile liquids like TEMAHf
  • 316L stainless steel modules fastened together using pefluroelastomer or metal seals
  • Can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance by user
  • Start-up service from Brooks


  • Highest purity vapor
  • Eliminates liquid carryover
  • Vapor is free of byproducts
  • Wide range of liquid properties
  • Generates perfectly mixed vapors
  • Easy disassembly


  • Research and development
  • Water vaporization for fuel cell stack humidification
  • Liquid precursor vaporization for chemical vapor deposition (CVD), metal oxide chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), and atomic layer deposition (ALD)
  • Depositing thin films for enhanced thermal, optical or hardness characteristics such as diamond-like carbon coating and glass coating
  • Vaporizing monomers for vacuum polymer film disposition
  • Generating calibration vapor
  • Vaporizing liquid hydrocarbons
  • Semiconductor thin-films