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The ISSI Static RAM products use high performing CMOS technology. There is a broad range of static RAMs which include the 5V high-speed asynchronous SRAM, high-speed low power asynchronous SRAM, 5V low power types asynchronous SRAMs, ultra-low power CMOS Static RAM and PowerSaver^TM lower power asynchronous SRAMs. The ISSI SRAM devices come in a variety of voltages, memory size and different organisations. They are suitable in applications such as CPU cache memory, embedded processors, hard drive, and switches to industrial electronics.
Power supply: 1.8V/3.3V/5V. Packages available: BGA, SOJ, SOP, sTSOP, TSOP. Configuration choice available: x8 and x16. ECC feature available for High Speed Asynchronous SRAMs
Memory Size = 256kbit
Organisation = 32K words x 8 bit
Number of Words = 32K
Number of Bits per Word = 8bit
Maximum Random Access Time = 45ns
Address Bus Width = 15bit
Low Power = Yes
Timing Type = Asynchronous
Mounting Type = Surface Mount
Package Type = TSOP
Delivery on production packaging - Punnet. This product is non-returnable.


Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Memory Chips
Memory Category
256 kbits
Number of Words
32 k
Bits per Word
8 bits
Address Bus Width
Package Type
Access Time
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