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The RMLV Series of high performance advanced static RAMs has realized higher density, low current consumption, and offers low power standby power dissipation.
Single 2.7V to 3.6V power supply. Access time: 45ns (max.). Equal access and cycle times. Common data input and output with three state output. All inputs and outputs are TTL compatible. Suitable for battery backup operation
Memory Size = 8Mbit
Organisation = 1024K words x 8 bit, 512K words x 16 bit
Number of Words = 1024K, 512K
Number of Bits per Word = 8 bit, 16 bit
Maximum Random Access Time = 45ns
Address Bus Width = 18 bit, 19 bit
Low Power = Yes
Mounting Type = Surface Mount
Package Type = TSOP
Pin Count = 52


Product Category
Memory Chips
Memory Category
8000 kbits
Number of Words
512 to 1024 k
Bits per Word
8 to 16 bits
Address Bus Width
Package Type
Access Time
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