Pick and Place Systems from Yamaha Motor- Robot Division

Orbit Type SCARA Robot -- YK350TW

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Orbit Type SCARA Robot -- YK350TW-Image

Featuring a ceiling-mount configuration with a wide arm rotation angle, the YK-TW can access any point within the full 1000 mm downward range. This eliminates all motion-related restrictions with regard to pallet and conveyor placement operations, while dramatically reducing the equipment footprint.

This is a much higher repeated positioning accuracy than that offered by a parallel-link robot. This was accomplished by optimizing the robot's weight balance through an extensive re-design of its internal construction. The lightweight yet highly rigid arm has also been fitted with optimally tuned motors to enable high accuracy positioning.

The Y-axis (arm 2) passes beneath the X-axis (arm 1) and it has a horizontal articulated structure, allowing it to move along the optimal path between points. Moreover, the optimized weight balance of the internal components reduces the cycle time by 36 % as compared to previous models.

Handles loads up to 5 kg. Also accommodates arm-end tools which tend to be heavy, making it highly adaptable to various applications.