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Delfi Top Loader

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This Delfi Top Loading robot is a vision-guided high-speed top loader Delta Robot. It accepts aligned or randomly oriented incoming product flow on a wide belt conveyor and it places your product into blisters, boxes, cases, cartons or trays with smooth efficiency. Bosch offers custom designed end effectors to pick up your product and orient it into virtually any robotic automation packing pattern you can imagine.


  • Loader accepts randomly oriented incoming product on a wide flat belt conveyor with standard vision system.
  • Advanced product tracking allows for continuous production flow; there is no need to stop-start the conveyor to pick-and-place products.
  • End effector rotation (4th axis) standard for maximum pack pattern flexibility.
  • End effectors designed to pick up almost any kind of product.
  • Picking one product at a time allows for maximum loading flexibility
  • Production change-over in 5 minutes.