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SIREC D Application Software

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Overview SIREC D-Viewer and SIREC D-Manager

The SIREC D-Viewer software is included in the scope of delivery of the recorder. It permits the graphical or numerical display and printout of measured values and data.

The SIREC D-Manager software package permits PC-based configuration and simulation of the recorder as well as the archiving, graphic display, printing and exporting of data with CSV format.

SIREC D-Server

SIREC D-Server is a network solution for data display and archiving as well as for communication with up to 256 recorders. An RS485 network or also the Ethernet TCP/IP option of the recorder is used for this, and permits direct interfacing to existing LANs. The standard package provides archiving, e-mail, graphics, printing and export functions

An integral OPC function permits export to software from other vendors in real-time mode.

Database Tool

This software application works with SIREC D-Manager and SIREC D-Server to provide safe administration of data with tools to archive, sort, move, copy and delete the data stored in local and remote databases.

The Database Tool software is supplied with SIREC D-Server.

SIREC D-Designer (only for SIREC D300 and SIREC D400)

The SIREC D-Designer permits the user to draft own graphic pages which are subsequently output on the recorder display. Any combination of display elements can be used such as trends, digital displays, bargraphs, bitmaps, digitized displays and plant displays. Various aspects of these elements can be modified if required to obtain a truly individual display.

The SIREC D-Designer software is compatible with both SIREC D300 and SIREC D400 recorders. Complete graphic pages can be loaded via diskette/PC card into any number of recorders. In this manner it is particularly easy to achieve consistent and standardized display of the process data.

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