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Cryogenic 2-Way Direct Acting Solenoid Valves -- SV91 Series

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The SV91 series is a 2-way, direct acting, floating-seal design solenoid valve for control of cryogenic fluids down to -454°F. It is available in normally closed and normally open configurations. The direct acting design is less prone to hang-up during the operation and the floating seal has self-wiping action for tight shut-off. The SV91 series has all welded joints eliminating external leakage. Along with the standard construction, Valcor offers a high flow design and a design made specifically for LCO2.


The SV91 series is a rugged construction suitable for a variety of cryogenic applications, such as the following:

· Food processing/freezing

· Backup system for biologic freezers

· Environmental chambers

· Dewar transfer

· Gas chromatography

· Fogging machines

· Cryogenic surgery equipment


· Self-wiping floating seal design for cryogenic fluids to -454°F

· Direct acting design with no minimum operating pressure

· All welded construction eliminates external leakage

· Special constructions for high flow and LCO2

· Pressure rating up to 1200 PSI

· Straight thru flow path yields high flow with less turbulence

· Mountable in any position

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