Babbitt Bearings from Kingsbury, Inc.

Flooded Thrust Bearings -- EQH

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Flooded Thrust Bearings -- EQH-Image

Here is a quick review of the basic elements in a Kingsbury equalizing fluid film thrust bearing:

Rotating Thrust Collar The forged steel collar, which is rigidly attached to the shaft or rotor, transmits the thrust load from the rotating shaft to the bearing shoes. The collar faces are ground, then lapped flat and smooth to reduce frictional loss and increase load capacity.

Stationary Pivoted Shoes The shoes in our thrust bearings (also known as pads or blocks) have three parts:

Shoe Body Shoe thickness has been selected to reduce the amount of thermal and elastic deformation. For a centrally pivoted shoe, a certain amount of thermal or elastic crowning is necessary for the thrust shoe to carry load, whereas excessive crowning reduces load-carrying capacity. Therefore, we have carefully optimized our designs so that the elastic or thermal crowning of a Kingsbury thrust shoe yields maximum load-carrying capacity.

Babbitt Face The thickness of the babbitt has also been optimized to increase compressive strength of the babbitt while maintaining the very desirable embedability characteristic of babbitt. This material allows small amounts of foreign particles that are in the lubricating oil to embed themselves in the babbitt rather than score or damage the rotating collar.