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PRODUCTION MINOR™ Spray Dryer -- View Larger Image

  • Versatile Spray Dryer for in-house research and small scale production
  • Interchangeable atomization and powder discharge systems
  • Sanitary design
  • Standard modules for a wide range of configurations

Rotary Atomizer

Atomization is achieved by feeding liquid into a highspeed wheel. The rotary atomizer is placed in the ceiling air disperser and operates with a vaned atomizer wheel for non-abrasive feeds, and with a carbide bushing wheel for abrasive feeds. Other designs are available for special applications. Powders produced with this atomizer mode have a narrow particle size distribution with a mean size in the range of 20-50 μm.

Two-fluid nozzle, co-current mode

Atomization is achieved by using compressed air to atomize the liquid feed. The nozzle placed in the ceiling air disperser is ideal for heat sensitive feeds and has theadded advantage of handling both low and high viscosity feeds. Powders produced with the co-current two-fluid nozzle have a mean particle size in the range of 10-40 μm.

Two-fluid nozzle, fountain mode

The nozzle placed in the cone section of the drying chamber is spraying upwards countercurrent into hot air from the ceiling air disperser. The fountain mode has the advantage of spray drying high solids feeds, and producing free-flowing powders of a mean particle size in the range of 60-100 μm.

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