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Fluidized Spray Dryer (FSD™)

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The Fluidized Spray Dryer (FSD™) is one of the most successful designs of spray dryers ever developed. It is used to dry a wide variety of products, many of which are extremely difficult to produce in powder form using conventional drying techniques. It has the following advantages:

  • Dustless, free-flowing product with good redispersibility
  • Trouble-free drying of many thermoplastic and/or hygroscopic products
  • Very compact plant layout improves energy economy with higher inlet and lower outlet drying temperatures
  • Excellent for agglomerated or granulated products

The Fluidized Spray Dryer combines the advantages of fluidization and spray drying technologies, but differs significantly from conventional spray dryer design. The drying air both enters and exits from the top of the drying chamber. The product to be dried is sprayed downwards from an atomizer located in the roof air disperser.

The chamber is shaped as a slender cone with a short cylindrical section. The base contains a stationary fluid bed. The vigorous fluidization of the fluid bed plus recycle of fines from the attached powder collector results in a powder-laden atmosphere within the drying chamber which mixes with the atomized cloud of newly forming particles, resulting in formation of particle agglomerates. The drying chamber can handle particles of higher moisture content because the powder-laden atmosphere overcomes problems with product stickiness.

Niro's experienced engineers can design the exact system you need in a capacity to meet your requirements. We also offer smaller scale package units.

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