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The simulation programs of the KUKA.Sim family allow robotic cells to be planned with true-to-life accuracy.KUKA.Sim Layout is the ideal tool for designing systems. Different layouts, concepts and robot tasks can be simulated quickly and easily using the extensive design library, which contains not only all KUKA robot models, but also grippers, conveyors, safety fences and much more; these layouts can then be compared with each other. Collision detection, reachability checks and visualization of the robot motion can all be performed in a simple and transparent way in the 3D layout. KUKA Sim Pro is designed for the offline programming and simulation of KUKA robots. The software offers additional functions on top of those provided by KUKA.Sim Layout. Robot simulations can not only be created and presented to professional standards, it is also possible to run the programmed motion sequences in real time and evaluate the cycle time. The virtual robot controller (VRC) is connected to the simulation program KUKA.Sim Pro, allowing the KUKA robot to be programmed directly in KRL (KUKA Robot Language), without having to intervene directly in the process sequence.