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SolderRightâ„¢ right-angle direct solder board-in crimp terminals provide an alternative to soldering bare wires onto PCB or using two piece connectors by enabling low profile right angle wire connections to be made direct to a PCB. These SolderRightâ„¢ direct-solder terminals have twin solder pins that provide stability for solder processing, allow redundant current paths and provide wire strain relief. Typical applications for these SolderRightâ„¢ direct-solder crimp terminals include those where there are tight packaging restraints such as vehicle electronics, laptop computers, handheld devices, power supplies, consumer appliances etc.
Series Number = 172677
Insulation = Insulated
Minimum Wire Size mm² = 0.09mm²
Maximum Wire Size mm² = 0.1mm²
Overall Length = 8.2mm
Minimum Wire Size AWG = 28AWG
Maximum Wire Size AWG = 26AWG
Contact Plating = Tin
Contact Material = Brass

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