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PLASTI-GRIP wire pin crimp terminals made of high conductivity tin plated copper with an expanded high dielectric strength 94V-0 rated vinyl insulation sleeve. The inner barrel of these PLASTI-GRIP crimp pin terminals is serrated in order to provide maximum electrical contact and tensile strength after crimping. The funnelled entry on the wire barrel enables the stripped wire to be inserted more easily.
Red 0.25 - 1.6 mm². Blue 1.0 - 2.6 mm². Yellow 2.7 - 6.6 mm²
Insulation = Insulated
Insulation Material = Vinyl
Minimum Wire Size mm² = 0.25mm²
Maximum Wire Size mm² = 1.6mm²
Overall Length = 23.82mm
Minimum Wire Size AWG = 22AWG
Maximum Wire Size AWG = 16AWG
Pin Diameter = 1.8mm
Colour = Red
Delivery on production packaging - Bag. This product is non-returnable.

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